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Design Challenge

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What is the Design Challenge?

The SourceAmerica Design Challenge is a national engineering competition aimed at creating innovative workplace technology for people with disabilities. There are two levels of the competition -- high school and collegiate.

Student teams work with an individual with a disability through a nonprofit agency that employs people with disabilities. The goal is to invent a process, device, system or software that can enhance productivity or overcome workplace obstacles. Inventions are evaluated on their impact in the workplace.

Who Benefits?

Individuals with disabilities work with student teams to create and receive free, custom-made assistive technology to improve their work environment.

High school and college students get to step out of the classroom to experience a real-life engineering challenge and create a solution that can significantly improve someone's job proficiency.

Nonprofit agencies gain from student inventions which may increase workplace efficiency and revenue. Best of all, agencies often receive positive media coverage for working with their communities and finalist agencies receive prize money.

The 2016-2017 Design Challenge registration is now closed.

Contact Charissa Garcia at to be added to our email list for next year’s competition which opens in August 2017.